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Take the Metro at Lisbon Airport (LIS) and go underground to the center of the city

From this day on (17 Juçu 2012) Lisbon’s airport have an underground station. You can take the subway and go to Sandanha Station, near center o of portuguese capital, in less than 15 minutes.

The new subway stations of the red line – Moscavide, Encarnação and Aeroporto – are open for service. The Oriente/Aeroporto line has now 3326 meters with a estimate mensal value of new passengers around 400 thousand passengers/year

In  Lisbon’s Airport you can now go to the center of the city by taxi, bus, tube/subway/undergound, rented car or even by foot (not the best option).

Check all the info about the Metropolitano de Lisboa in the following institutional page.

Check lisbon’s underground map here.


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