Lisbon’s downtown have a new special space to visit and enjoy: Museum of Beer. This museum presents culture, food and beer from the Portuguese speaking countries.

The Museum centre is located on the first floor of the Museum of Beer. It collects and exhibits the knowledge about beer culture, its origin, evolution, consumption history and production cycle from the raw materials to the final product, its tradition in the Portuguese speaking countries.

The ground floor is a Traditional Lisbon Brewery. It recreates the environment of the old breweries, where beer, conviviality and flavors from the different gastronomies associate. The food quality is combined with the tasting of typical beers from the Portuguese speaking countries, becoming a unique experience of unforgettable flavor.

The entrance price on the MuseumCenteris 3,5 € per person. It includes beer tasting and supply of a glass. The access is free for children under 16 years.

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Museu da Cerveja
Terreiro do Paço – Ala Nascente – Nº 62 a 65
1100-148 Lisboa
Phone: 00 351 210 987 656

Timetable and Reservations:

Museum Hours:
12 pm to 10:30 pm

Brewery Hours:
9 am to 2 am